5 Amazing latest Gadgets 2018

5 Amazing latest Gadgets 2018

nowadays smartphones are one of the most
important parts of our daily lives we
use it for personal communication
finishing tasks for work checking social
media posts or even playing your
favorite game during lunch break it

almost feels like an extension of
ourselves with traditional charging
options we can't satisfy the battery
needs for heavy usage of our smartphones
making us frustrated every time when the
phone pops up and a low battery
notification we decided to use magnetic

adaptors for our charging packs as a
proper solution with corresponding
magnetic adapters you can charge any
kind of smartphone the charging pack is
only 15 grams weight which is extremely
portable for everyday carry in 30
minutes this tiny little pack can give
an iPhone 8 a 25 percent battery boost
so that with four of these places in
total your phone will maintain fully
charged for charging packs can provide
an iPhone eight about nine hours of
battery usage also the charging station

is a portable battery with five thousand
milli amperes this is our magnetic
charging cable which supports fast
charging due to maximum two amp currents
now let's see how finger pal can help

this is a switch bike and so is this and
this and this one this one to switch is
an affordable state-of-the-art the
electric bike system that converts any
bike into an e bike and I mean any bike
with switch you can go faster and
further without breaking a sweat

turn the power up when you need it turn
it down when you don't or switch it back
into a regular bike simply put it's a
bike and an e-bike my name's Oliver I'm
proud to be a British engineer I studied
at Oxford University and I'm dedicated
to inventing low-carbon technologies
that are good for the planet the way we
usually get around is not
environmentally friendly or fun

astonishingly most of the journeys we
make are less than 10 miles a switch
bike has a range of up to 50 miles so
why not make some of those journeys with
one of these it's fast convenient and
way more fun than getting on a bus
here's how it works we send you a brand
new wheel with our lightweight hub motor

built in a pedal sensor break sensors
and the bracket that connects everything
together simply attach the switch bag to
go further and faster it really couldn't
be easier
please support us by placing an order

when a first Kickstarter campaign raised
over $100,000 but more importantly we
got people just like you they helped put
a bag to market and put it to real test
all over the world now we're proud to
present the 2.0 version of our ward
winning Pro dry bag that are taken to
the next level together with some of the
world's best athletes within team sub
tech but also invaluable feedback we got
from a very important backers so what
makes these bags unique first and
foremost the word proved down to 50
meters 164 feet it also has a built in

shockproof inflatable system to protect
your sensitive gear it's equipped with
an airtight zipper to keep humidity out
it floats fully packed with a novelty on
top in case of emergency and it has an
internal PAC system to easily pack your
gear on your adventures check out the
campaign below to see what makes our
duffle bag so unique and loved by
extreme athletes from around the world
we hope you like the bags as much as we
do and want to be part of the process of
reading the 2.0 version of the pro dry
bag market

my name is Bradley Devine and I do
travel and lifestyle photography and
videography my name is Jessica janae and
I'm an international wedding and fashion
I'm India Elle and I am a destination
wedding photographer my name is Erin
Brimhall and I am an outdoor lifestyle
slash automotive photographer well I
love about the universal lens count is I
love how it grabs on to the lens and the
only way it's gonna come off is if I
pull it off and I love that it does
fully pertain to protect what's most
important about my lens and the glass
and I feel like and it's something that
should have existed a long time ago my
favorite thing about the universal lens
cap is when I have the lens cap on I'm
shooting something a wedding I bump
against something doesn't just fall off
so I like that these really grip your
lens it's super hard and so no matter

what happens it doesn't fall off which
is glorious and nothing kick it in it I
feel like even if I'm shooting in sand
and dirt and dust and nothing can get in
there into the cracks water anything
it's very protected I love that it's
universal because I can put it on both
ends of every single one of my lenses
and it's so much nicer for travel so I
don't have to like pack every single
little type of lens cap for each
specific lens

I keep way better track of them and it
keeps my lenses protected throwing them
in and out of bags and stuff like that
what I like about this the most is you
mean you can put it in your pocket you
know whenever you need to it's not like
in there as like a big old hold I like
how it's stretchy so it can fit on

any type of wounds you have you know
fits on the 7250 all my lives on this
even like my Sigma is I have the design
I'm already you just stretch them over
it's nice and then if it's on the back
so you don't have a calf anymore I feel
like it's something that should have
existed a long time ago and the lenses
have existed like this is something
that's definitely going to protect
what's most importantly the camera
that's the glass and lens so I really
like it

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