5 Super Gadgets That Really Exist In 2018

5 Super Gadgets That Really Exist In 2018

the matrix power watch

it's a SmartWatch that's powered by you
it works by converting your own body
heat to electric power and the best part
is you never have to charge it the watch
comes alive because it's powered by you
the human body at rest and it's 100
watts as heat similar to that of an
incandescent lightbulb when exercising
that number jumps to one kilowatt

similar to the average power we use in a
home what's so cool about this watch is
that as you exercise and your skin gets
warmer the power watch generates more
power it's got a unique power meter that
shows how much electricity your body has
generated right on the face of the watch

we can do some exciting things with this
technology like accurately measure the
amount of calories you burn our
thermoelectric technology measures the
amount of heat you've generated from the
calories you've consumed it's also
packed with all the features you'd

expect in a SmartWatch it has sensors to
track both activity and sleep quality
we're designing changeable watch faces
to suit your mood which also built micro

applications so you can do more than
just tell the time and of course it
syncs with your phone and your account
in the cloud ardent to running
mountaineering trailblazing it works
even better when you're out and about
especially in cold weather since you
never have to charge it or replace the
batteries it's very well sealed and
water-resistant to 50 meters

in some situations paper will always be
best for unleashing our creativity and
sometimes we just need technology
choosing between paper and computer is a
matter of context today we can have the
best of both worlds the pup is the first
ever connected pocket scanner it is
mobile tiny lightweight wireless with a
long lasting battery the pup is very
simple to use thanks to its unique
button it is smart it automatically
takes care of every step from your sheet
of paper to its destination on the

the pup allows you to stay comfortable
where you are without moving around you
don't need to worry about paper
dimensions anymore your documents are
automatically and safely routed where
you need them the pup is so simple to
use choose your scenario fit the laser
to the pages and press the button that's
it your document has just been

transferred according to your choice so
much works matter more than others they
deserve to be saved and shared instantly
with your loved ones the pup is always
ready to go it is incredibly fast and
easy to use
the pump brings you closer to the ones
you love
the pup can scan everything it even
works with books

it is smart and automatically fixes any
reflection or page curve issues the pup
comes with its own lights and does not
rely on the ambient lighting
you always get a sharp image the puppy
is your Nomad companion it follows you
everywhere it takes care of everything
and lets you focus on what really
matters to you the pup will bring you

new creative scenarios every day so you
can stay up to date with your favorite
networks Facebook Pinterest Instagram
they can all be reached in one click it
will even help you import your documents
into Word and Excel yeah it's amazing
it's amazing how and here the South
Korea through

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