Amazing Gadgets in 2018

5 Amazing latest Gadgets 2018

technology makes us increasingly mobile
yet there are still few things holding
us back poor beings external hard drives
countless adapters and of course the
chunky charges that's what living in a
modern life was until now this is line
duck the world's first device offering a
powerful battery full connectivity fast
SSD storage and active cooling all this
in a nine millimeter cable free shell
the massive internal battery offers up
to 1.5 full charge of any USBC laptop
simply connect line dock using a USBC
cable and free yourself from power
outlets and chargers line deck slides
perfectly in your backpack for a laptop
sleeve thanks to quick charge technology
line duck lets you charge any mobile
device faster so that you never run out
of battery on the go once connected by a
USB C or microUSB line offers an
integrated SD card reader and up to 512
gigabytes of SSD storage at the office
line dock can be used as a true docking
station to connect anything to your
laptop extend your work space with a
dedicated mini DisplayPort and connect
any external monitor or through HDMI
line dock integrates for wireless
charging pads just place your smartphone
over a pad and let it power up or a
patented PI 1st cooling system will
actively cool your laptop for increased
performance and comfort when you need it
the most
instead of carrying a myriad of adapters
on daily basis line Duc provides
everything you need right under your
laptop it's smart format allows for zero
square inches loss on your workspace
we've been developing lined up for over
a year using the most advanced
technologies and materials we teamed up
with the best engineers to come up with
a symbiotic and reliable device
technology should make life easier
we took a step further with a special
attention to design and portability a
single device
for seamless digital experience

lined up organizes your day while you
organize your thoughts

we all want to be able to protect what's
important to us
but it's not always easy
and sometimes it's downright dangerous

that is until now the gun box is the
ideal way to defend responsibly the gun
box keeps your handgun safe while
allowing you quick convenient access
when you need it most the gun box is
built tough its die casts using aircraft
strength aluminum alloy with a tensile
strength of over 24,000 psi and a
melting temperature of over 1,000
degrees the gun box opens using your RF
signature your biometric signature or if
you want a combination of both you can
charge your phones tablets and other
devices using the two USB ports on the
back beneath the premier models tough
aluminum exterior you'll find other
innovative features like the gun box
auto alert system which will send
notifications directly to your phone in
the event that your gun box is tampered
with and if your gun box is stolen you
can track it in real time with the
equipped GPS technology safe storage
quick access
and all the fancy tech you would expect
from James Bond himself the gun box
defend responsible

if how we spell
is always connected staring at our
screens well that would be how we spend
the rest of our lives you see as humans
we are vulnerable and our smartphones
are engineered to use these
vulnerabilities against us this is why
we've intentionally designed a phone to
be used as little as possible the light
phone your phone away from phone it's a
casual second phone that encourages you
to enjoy quality time doing the things
you love the most free of distraction we
call this going light light phone uses
your same phone number source 10 speed
dials and only makes it receives phone
calls then leave your smart phone behind
while maintaining the peace of mind they
are still reachable light was born out
of Google's inaugural design incubator
in 2014 our idea was welcomed by some of
the brightest minds and technology and
soon after we launched our Kickstarter
campaign we pre-sold thousands of phones
and got over $400,000 in pledges we've
since partnered with Foxconn to engineer
and develop the light phone we've also
built a prior Thierry cloud platform
that enables the light phone to maintain
your existing phone number this is a
first for the US market the light phone
is packaged in a hardcover photography
book it reminds us the value of the
light phone is in the experience not the
object itself we've collected feedback
from our nearly 9000 users who are
working on a next iteration of the phone
it's going to be even better your
investment will help us to develop this
next light phone acquire contracts the
biggest telecoms and put the light phone
in a variety of stores taking light to
the next level you see light is a
different kind of technology company we
designed beautiful tools that respect
inspire and empower objects that help us
appreciate our lives
the light phone is just the beginning

hey there you are
okay he goes this skin a new breed of
other system kin is smart designed to
replace all the different kind of
systems up there with just one gene is
everything you want a high five star on
set with portable speakers they
satellites of oil free so you can put
them anywhere and because the system
follows you you always get the best
possible sign also you can take it
anywhere you want messy yeah but
Florence trying to say is team gives you
the best audio at home as well as on the
go and in case you're wondering I can
crank tunes with this thing for over 12
hours we are keen and we are on a
mission to make every audible experience
awesome full-on and I first met a bang
and olufsen we kept in touch and started
talking about a smart sound system
you join forces with my brother Stan and
our friend Tebow and here at the
Technical University of Delft is where
we eat sleep and breathe audio ring can
we get back to real life let's say one
of your friends doesn't like the music
done game is compatible with all
existing apps you've got enough abscess
it is what my brother forgot to mention
is that the satellites are easily
connected creating one massive speaker

time for a B Y okay so now you know Kim
is world's first flexible Sun system it
listens to you for better sounds and
it's ever so easy to use and this is
where you come in with your help no all
I have to choose between the surround
set hi-5 system or a portable speaker
ever again so check out the pledges and
keep an eye on our website we hope your
scheme as we are

the sound of life isn't a single track
it's a mix a combination of what you
choose to play and what's around you
it's awareness mixed with attitude
countryside mixed with connection
perseverance mixed with presence
introducing Trek's titanium
revolutionary sport headphones with a
completely open ear design built to
deliver situational awareness comfort
and an exceptional audio experience with
bone conduction technology mini
vibrations travel through your cheek
bones directly to the inner ears
delivering dynamic stereo sound without
covering or blocking them the backbone
of treks lightweight design is a sweat
resistant titanium frame an element
chosen for its strength durability and
flexibility and is the key to its
universal secure fit these wireless open
ear headphones prioritize your safety
ensuring you're always aware of

finally a headphone experience where all
the layers of your world from your music
to your moments come together one of the
real core values of our company has been
to improve quality of life and I believe
that we successfully do that and now
with the introduction of the new treks
titanium really a radical departure from
your traditional headphones a true
uncompromised product that we really
believe will become the ultimate sports
anthem vocal induction headphones
generates vibration and the vibration is
conducted through our facial bone into
our in their years for example when I
put these headphones on and you see that
they're seeing up here against my cheek
what's going to happen now is that music
is going to start to vibrate and that
vibration is going to go through my
cheekbone and then to my cochlea which
will allow me to listen to the music
we've built in a new technology into our
headsets to call premium pitch plus it
allows us to create

a listening environment that's on par
with any of your ear books people should
we expect the exceptional audio and that
we believe the premium H pass delivered
this is a product that a lot of you out
there I think would like to buy anyway
and by pledging now you get an
opportunity to buy this product at a
reduced price and you also get to get it
before anybody else gets their hands on
aftershokz Trek's titanium be open

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