Buy in 2018! Top 10 Best Smartwatches

Top 5 Best Samsung Smartwatch Buy Amazon in 2018

this is the Zen watch 3 not only is that
the perfect companion to your zenfone
it's incredibly stylish to the circular
design is distinctly classic three
buttons on the side and the usual touch
screen controls make it easy to navigate
from the stitched Italian leather bands
to the jewelry grade 316l steel body the
Zen watch 3 really is a sight to behold
silver gunmetal and rose gold options
are all available this premium

craftsmanship can withstand the test of
time it's easy to make the Zen watch 3
your own more than 50 faces are
available for download plus you can
build your own with the dedicated face
designer App dive into the Zen watch
manager app to make fine adjustments
have an active lifestyle the Zen watch 3
can keep up you can monitor your
exercise with the revamp Zen fit out
it's water-resistant and there are
rubber sports traps available the Zen
watch 3 is particularly clever about
charging the brand-new hyper-charged
system can top up to 60 percent in only
15 minutes with the optional battery
path you can get an extra 40 percent
charge beyond that a special eco mode
can double your battery life plus the
new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor uses
25 percent less power than the previous
generation the asus then watch 3
embodies luxury for everyone

okay Google how to play inside


we hit the ground running with its first
Android wear watch delivering a wearable
that was stylish premium and had a great
circular screen now Huawei watch 2 is
coming it adopts a chronograph design 45
millimeter diameter in size with double
crown on the side 1.2 inch circular
AMOLED display with a pixel density of
326 pixels per inch which makes it
sharper and clearer with ceramic bezels
kind of the king it is really crazy
scratch resistance and low affect on
radio wave with lowered lugs compared to
the first generation of Huawei

SmartWatch the design provides better
ergonomics and more comfort to the user
it also gives a better stability to the
watch during sport activities Huawei has
placed little tabs on the pin mechanism
that locks into the watch's lugs
this means you no longer need a tool to
remove the pre-installed bands removing
and replacing the bands on the watch is
incredibly easy after insert a SIM card
into the watch you can use cellular data
without your phone as well as being able
to make and receive calls all of which
should be especially useful for anyone
who wants to leave their phone at home
when running or cycling Huawei watch
runs Android wear 2.0 which includes a
standalone Play Store meaning you're
able to browse and download apps right
to your SmartWatch
this also means you don't need to
install all of the apps on your phone
just the watch itself to achieve truly
standalone equipment without connecting
and mobile phone the watch can display
your phone's notifications in real time
such as instant messages SMS messages
calls e
calendar events and notifications from
social networking apps you can reply to
or delete SMS or instant messages or
block notifications from the watch
Huawei watch 2 has built-in speaker and
noise reduction dual microphone that
lets you make or take calls right away
without ever having to remove your phone
from your pocket once connected with a
phone you can access to a personalized
training experience that allows you to
plan your exercise schedule and goals on
the app and track all of these
activities real-time all you need to do
is to click on the add plan and enter
the distance that you're training for
the training plan tells you how often
you need to run the number of days
needed to train the type of training you
will go through and when you need to
just rest it out it's like having a
personal coach Huawei watch 2 provides
you with information to encourage an
active and healthy lifestyle rely on
sensors that track your movement and
other metrics the data and information
provided by these devices is intended to
be a close estimation of your activity
and metrics tracked Huawei watch 2
provides continuous automatic heart rate
tracking right on your wrist the watch
monitors your heart rate using built-in
heart rate sensor and displays the data
on the screen it can also track the
user's fitness level and show the
maximum oxygen uptake data kwame watch 2
provides a workout summary that includes
the distance time pace calories and
heart rate to give the user scientific
and professional training advice
additionally it will show your vo2 Max
evaluation total training effect score
and recovery time
the ip68 dust and water resistance
ingress protection rating means Huawei
watch to is completely protected against
dust and it is water-resistant in up to
five feet of water for up to 30 minutes
in a stationary state so you don't have
to worry about taking it off at the
sight of water associate the watch with
your bank card using the Android pay app
and you can make quick payments by
putting the watch close to the payment
terminal you can make payments even when
you're not carrying your phone that is
paired with the watch on a single charge
its battery can last more than two days
usage and get even longer battery life
with watch mode in which the watch still
counts your steps


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