That Will Blow Your Mind! 5 NEW Inventions 2019

5 NEW Inventions 2019

introducing aura cipher the
first-of-its-kind ball in one solution
for your asset storage transaction and
recovery no more hassles from the
outdated wallets the Auris ifou allows
you safely store all your cards crypto
currencies even the membership card from
your local store in one place everything
is organized and accessible at your
fingertips you can use the Auris ifou to
pay for everything store all your
Kryptos unlock your door even use it to
exchange name cards all with the simple
but amazing hardware billions of dollars
asset got hacked and stolen every year
you should worry about yours as well or
acai foo is the first Hardware on earth
using both te e and s e technology to
ensure 100% security over your assets
storage and payments for cryptocurrency
users you can use or assign foo as a
cold wallet unlike traditional cold
wallet using USB port for data transfer
or acai fou uses NFC and dynamic QR code
technology which is totally off the grid
you can have full control of your crypto
asset and make peer-to-peer transaction
anywhere you want
traditional credit cards and Kryptos
apps are still hackable when they got
lost or stolen but not with Aurra cipher
or a siphon wallet will self erase your
key information after five passwords
fail attempts your data will never be
passed to the wrong hands what about
data recovery you might ask
introducing beep all the NFC enabled
backup chip for RSI food this one tap
recovery solution provides an effortless
way to recover your data for crypto
users the beetball can also replace the
mnemonic words in a more secure and
reliable way we believe a wallet should
not only be functional but also be
artistic the Auris i fou has a 4 inch
retina sapphire display with a screen to
body ratio of 83.8% it has gone through
45 steps of Polish and multi-layer
coding the body is designed to fit for
palm we are a company formed by
scientist and top developers specialized
in payment security and digital asset
security we are 100 percent confident
about this product then we are ready on
every perspective from software to
hardware we just need your help to bring
this project to the public so join us
today to create the future of payment

imagine having superpowers such as
traveling in time to meet a historical
character teleporting yourself being
invisible flying over your favorite
places meeting your idol or exploring
distant galaxies this promise may seem
strong yet you'll immediately understand
how this extraordinary thing is possible
with lucid dreams imagine a simple and
comfortable bracelet that you wear every
day which vibrates on your wrist several
times a day to discreetly tell you that
it's time to check if you're sleeping
once you're in full dream mode the
bracelet will automatically detect that
it's time to vibrate again you will feel
your arm vibrate inside your dream and
this will propel you instantly into a
lucid dream most older generation
devices play on light and sound to
senses that tend to interfere with your
sleep light is a sign the brain
interprets as an indication that it's
time to wake up
many alarm clocks use light as well
sound well no need to explain
noise has always disrupted sleep once
again the insta dreamer makes all the
vibrations provide direct access to your
subconscious in addition everyone has
the idea that vibration should attract
our attention through the vibrating
sound of cell phones discreet and
comfortable the insta dreamer also
offers you other functions that you'll
discover right away so what makes our
device a real revolution that will
enable you to have a lucid dream
probably the very first evening you use
it more than 70% of our testers
experienced a lucid dream during one of
the first three nights using it and
that's not all with Instagram and its
vibe we're smart technology you'll not
only wake up fully refreshed because of
the device's ability to analyze your
sleep cycles and wake you up at the best
moment but you'll be able to wake up
when you want to without ever disturbing
the person next to you you'll also be
able to consult the sleep cycle data
directly on your smartphone thanks to
the triple accuracy of the insta dreamer
in fact it can measure your body
temperature your movements as well as
your pulse the latest studies show that
a combination of these three functions
provide unbeatable precision no older
bulky and uncomfortable devices which
wake you up disturb your partner and
which rarely offer results get your
insta dreamer now and discover the
amazing power of instant lucid dreams
and much more

beer the sacred liquid element as we
drink a beer the foam disappears and
with it the aroma and flavor foam is the
beers natural defensive layer that
protects it from oxidation and retains
volatiles that's why for all those beer
lovers who value the smell details we
present the revolutionary new experience
device sonic beer using the latest
technology sonic beer generates
ultrasonic waves that stimulate the
carbonated volatile components inside
your beer breaking some of the
intramolecular interactions extracting
foam with aromatic compounds all in just
a few seconds
place the glass of beer on the base push
the button

enjoy you can now experience a better
tasting beer with a creamy foam and
complex sensations

sonic beer is portable take it wherever
you want enjoy it with friends and
sonic beer has an elegant minimalist
design with customizable colors sonic
beer is spill resistant works great with
all kinds of beers ethical made with
recycled plastics without planned
obsolescence and reusable common
double-a batteries I realized how the
thing for me from I love suits you
really dirty nothing I'm really
surprised the effect the pants on the
beer really gives it a nice take care
deep about and it really takes out the
flavors and certain of the practices of
the mirrors it's really fantastic
I like it my name is Emily and I need
your help to spread the word about Sonic
beer we are open to all kind of
collaborations please support us

sonic beer enhances your beer experience

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