The 2019 iPhone X Models

The 2019 iPhone X Models

- Now look at that.
What's up guys?
Saf here on SuperSaf TV.
Today I believe we have a bit of an exclusive.
Inside these boxes here, we have the 2018 iPhone prototypes,
models, dummies, whatever you want to call them.
They're basically based on the final designs
of the new iPhones and they're usually used
by case manufacturers and things
in order to be able to get the cases ready
in time for the launch of the iPhone.
We've got them here.
Let's go ahead and get them unboxed.
All right.

Obviously not a fancy box like you all get
for the new iPhone.
Now look at that.
This is the iPhone X Plus or the iPhone XS Plus,
not sure what it's going to be called but it is huge
and that's because it has a 6.5 inch display.
But that's not all,
we also have this box here, which has inside,
oh this has a bit more plastic around it, that's cool.
This is the 6.1 inch budget iPhone.
Now once again, we're not sure
what this one's going to be called,
it might be called the iPhone 9, maybe the iPhone X Lite,
the important thing is, of course,
is that it's going to be coming in at around $700.
Now in addition to these two,
there is also going to be the incremental update
to the iPhone X which is going to be the same size
with the 5.8 inch display and potentially a new color,
but that's not going to be any different
in terms of the physical size and design.
So we're going to look at these

and then we'll also compare them for size to the iPhone X.
Right, let's get the plastic off first here.
So in the middle, we've got the current iPhone X,
and you can see that the Plus version is now much bigger,
and the Lite version is just slightly bigger
compared to the iPhone X.
Now you can also see here
that we've got dual cameras on the Plus model
and that's because it will have the same cameras
that we have on the incremental update of the iPhone X,
but on the iPhone Lite, we have a single camera,
and that is to meet that $700 price point,
so you're not going to be having dual cameras
on the cheaper version.

Now all three will a have a glass back as we can see here
but the Plus model will have a stainless steel frame
like we've got on the iPhone X.
The Lite version is going to have an aluminum frame.
Now moving over on to the front,
you'll notice that we have notches on all models,
and the notch is here to stay on the iPhone,
and then we've got the small bezels around the sides.
Now this is especially great to see on the budget iPhone,
I know a few of you guys are going to go crazy in the comments
when I'm calling a $700 device budget,
but in the scheme of the lineup,
it is going to be the budget device.
However there's a catch.

The Lite version is going to have a 6.1 inch
LCD display, not OLED display.
Now OLED displays are generally better overall,
they're definitely more expensive,
they have deeper blacks, a better contrast ratio,
as well as more vibrant colors.
Once again, this is a compromise
that's going to be made on the Lite version of the iPhone.
It's also rumored that there's going to be no 3D Touch
on the Lite version of the iPhone
and that we're going to have Face ID generation one,
whereas the larger iPhones will have Face ID generation two,
which is going to be faster and more accurate.
Now looking around these models,

button placements are exactly the same
like we had previously,
so we've got the power button on the right hand side,
we've got the volume buttons on the left hand side,
as well as the mute switch.
Nothing on the top and at the bottom.
We've got the Lightning port with two grills,
one of these is a speaker and the other is a mic.
Of course, these are going to be having stereo speakers,
so there'll be one in the earpiece, and one bottom-firing.
Now if you do a quick size comparison of the iPhone X Plus
to something like the iPhone 7 Plus or even the 8 Plus,
you'll notice that it's pretty much exactly the same size.
It is definitely the same size in terms of the length,
but it does seem to be slightly narrower.
Now this is very impressive of course,
and that is because the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus
both have a 5.5 inch display

but the new iPhone X Plus is going to have a 6.5 inch display,
so you're going to be getting much more real estate
in a very similar sized body.
And if you are somebody that is coming from,
say an iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone 7 Plus,
then this will be a great upgrade
and it's going to be a size that you're used to.
Now of course, a bigger display,
as well as a bigger sized device means a bigger battery.
So the iPhone X Plus is likely
to have a much bigger battery compared to the iPhone X.
Of course, we all like bigger batteries
with more battery life.

Now one downside for the iPhone X Plus
is that it's very likely to cross that $1000 price point.
Rumors are suggesting that it's probably coming in
at around $1100 potentially
and that's based on the fact that the Plus model
of the iPhone is usually around $100 more
compared to the regular version of the iPhone.
So there we have it guys, our very first hands-on,
the models of the new 2018 iPhones.
I believe this is a very first especially in 4K,
so a thumbs up for that would be appreciated.
What do you guys think of these new iPhones?
Are you going to be picking any of these up?

Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know.
We're likely to be expecting the official announcement
of these in September some time.
Of course, as soon as they are announced and released,
we'll be having lots of hands-on coverage
here on the channel, SuperSaf style,

so make sure you have subscribed
and switched on notifications if you haven't already
to see all of that coverage first.
Thanks for watching.
This is Saf on SuperSaf TV.
I'll see you next time.

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