WOW 5 Cool gadgets you can buy Online In 2018

5 Cool gadgets you can buy Online In 2018

and today connects with your smartphone
to control and customize the light
through bluetooth
with only one and stick you can make
various functions of light in your life
start your day with em stick
shake p.m. stick is start the timer
again from the beginning

you don't have to keep watching your
noodles to be done each category of the
app has its own functional life settings
such as sound visualizer and selfie
lights and state will help you keep your
working out time by using your app data
and stick tells you today's weather
don't forget to bring your umbrella and
sleep as a defender which is combined
with accelerometer and gyro sensor
especially with a sensor and say
automatically mixes animations when you
write a fight or run like this also
control your end stage with our smart
watch write down the text or emoji or
whatever you want into the asteroid set
back and enjoy the festival in various

and stick is an open hardware we will
open API soon so you can make your own
unique life and share it with your

we have spent days and nights to
actualize the mobile app control smart
light sensor to bring em stick to life
we need your support base back up and we
hope to hear about your experience with
your light in your life

make your light em stick

this is teaching a series of bull Bolton
twice shooting consume a gesture on the
fourth D Tings gesture control power
lies in the detangler wristband easy to
attach with the wristband on you will be
the ultimate removed after wearing the
wristband post a hand gesture and move
your arm the robot follows your movement
and goes to the direction you are
pointing at it takes over all the
behavior of robots and toys at your
command there's no other remote like
this or maybe Gundam d-10 all right it's
to making the user feels like a
superpower beholder
we don't limit the variety of hand
gestures you could be a Spider Man Iron
Man sharpshooter or even express your
feeling while controlling robots D ting
is a completely revolutionary robotic
experience suitable for all ages
regardless of operational experience the
wristband also enables fine-grained
control the toy speeds up or slows down
depending on the intensity of your
gesture there are even more ways to play
waiting for you to discover you can
compete with a friend or even play with
more than one toy using both hands
detuning is a brand new way to interact
bringing enjoyment playability and
possibility together with D team gesture
wristband we offer several connected
robot and toys a high performance throne
a battling tank or a high imitation
truck will be included the developer
version of DJing is offered to connect
other robots electronics or anything
else you desire we launched this project
in 2016

bidding is designed with robot
enthusiasts and
yes we have finished the design
prototype and final iteration and
together we can drive the technology
forward we need your support so no
matter who you are we are making sure
web open the box find a revolutionary
affordable amazing and final box we look
forward to making with you the next a
revolution in robotics the one and only

hi i'm simon creator of Geco hub and
nimble and I'm back on Kickstarter to
get mo boo into the hands of everyone
frustrated by troublesome cables I've
tried many ways of organizing earphones
and charge cables over the years and
have never found the one solution that
solved everything mo boo is that
solution the way mobi works is simple
you clip it around any cable size from
skinny earphones all the way up to thick
USB cables once in place Moby's modular
design snaps together keeping your
cables organized

Moe boo is based on a mathematical
theory that cables with ends attached
together in a loop far less likely to
tangle the cables or loose ends mobile
is great for out and about wherever you
are but it doesn't stop there either
with Mobe connect you can put Mobutu
work at your desk or around the house to
and you know what nobody works with
other stuff as well we're coming to
Kickstarter because we've got mo boo as
far as we can on our own now we need
your help
in taking the last steps finalizing
tooling with the factory and meeting the
factory's high minimum order quantities
if you like mo boo there are two ways
you can really help support our campaign
first place you get mobi for yourself or
as a gift and second share this campaign
with a close friend who you know would
love this handy clip


wearable tech is the flavor of the
season from Motorola to Samsung
everybody seems to be inspired by the
unexpected success of wearable computing
Motorola's latest wearable the Moto 360
is getting rave reviews for its design
although the device is yet to hit retail
shelves but it is expected to sell in
large numbers citing strong buzz on the
social media platform with the coming of
Google's Android wear OS made
exclusively for wearable tech things are
looking great ahead at the moment we're
still in the Stone Age when it comes to
wearable devices the SmartWatch market
is still in the early stages with the
success of Pebble watch the fitness and
wellness market has seen initial
momentum with activity monitors like
Nike FuelBand and Fitbit activity
tracking bands but in the future we
could expect new wearable form factors
the nokia rain for instance is not a
typical wearable device use on the lines
of Apple's rumored Irene Nokia fit
concept phone looks like a real deal
created by some Triple C the device is a
ring that wraps around her index finger
the note if that is made from soft
silicon and flexible rubber
it features calling facilities and is
completely waterproof notifications like
messages incoming callings will be
notified through vibrations the wearable
will be equipped with tiny function
buttons thanks to the ergonomic design
amusingly the designer has not been able
to shed light on one single core feature
of the nokia fit fitness generally
activity trackers and fitness devices
will help you track your stats going by
the name
the Nokia Fit will likely to have some
sort of feature built-in that would help
tract a record on Fitness take a look
through the gallery below to know more
about the nokia v
happy weekend stay tuned to G's bought
for more updates the nokia fit is a ring
that wraps around your index finger and
allows you to make calls the device is
designed in such a way to suit different
fingers thickness the nokia fit comes
off silicone and flexible rubber yes the

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