WOW Apple Watch 4 (2018) - FINALLY a BIG Change!

Apple Watch 4 (2018)

the Apple watch series four so this is
actually apples not forth but apples
fifth Apple watch model and it's coming
out in September and about a month's
time in mid-september
and I'm really really looking forward to
it so I've been using an Apple watch
ever since it came out in 2015 so yeah
three years and I've been waiting for
Apple to launch one since 2012-2013 when
all the initial patents appeared and
yeah is my Apple watch pretty much every
single day only take it off at night I
swim with this thing in a pool and see
water right now I'm using a serious -
I've had all every single Apple watch
model but this one is the one that I
ended up using an amazing basis overall
now the series 3 was actually a small
improvement a small improvement than the
series 2 was over to Syria zero but
series 4 is going to be a massive
improvement so the biggest one sees the
original Apple watch so yeah here's
everything to know in terms of the Apple
watch 2018 Apple watch series 4 ok so if
you have an Apple watch here is 0 or 1
or 2 or 3 no one would be able to tell
the difference between them because well
they look pretty much identical so
literally the only design difference
between them is that every new model is
quite a bit thicker than the previous
one so series 3 is considerably thicker
than the original Apple watch and then
the other design change is the fact that
he actually gets a red crown with the
Apple watch Series 3 the seller model I
personally think this is a really bad
design choice because it limits the use
of bands but they aren't that they all
look identical I mean the only unique
model would be the gold Apple watch
which was only made with the original
series 0 and then it was removed and
replaced with a significantly more
affordable model the ceramic one and
this is the one that we have right now
and then when a series 3 Apple
introduced a Space Gray ceramic model as
well but yeah other than that we didn't
get any design changes since 2014
that's when Apple actually introduced
the original Apple watch and then it was
released a few months later in 2015 now
a while ago I did a video on how I would
love the series for it to look like this
video check it out it's quite cool and
this way I talked about what if Apple
made a circle or Apple watch
fun fact Apple actually has a few
patents on this so they might be doing
that I would personally pick a circular
SmartWatch versus a rectangular one all
day just because you know you get that
James Bond feeling
where you have a device that looks
normal but in fact that's an incredibly
smart gadget whereas if you have a
square watch well pretty much everyone
would be able to tell that oh this guy
has a smart watch and yeah let me know
comments if you would pick a regular
watch for a smart watch design or a
rectangular one like the Apple watches
right now
and woody Apple watch series for
unfortunately we aren't going to get a
complete redesign with you know a
circular looking Apple watch that would
be cool but it's not happening this year
however there is going to be a design
changed on the less so makes you cool
reported that Apple would be actually
increasing the display size to 1.57
inches and 1.78 from 1.5 and 1.6 T 5
inch on on the current models now the
actual body is actually set to remain
the same which actually means that the
bezels would be getting quite a bit
thinner and I'm not sure how many of you
noticed but the Apple watch actually
asked some seriously thick bezels now
this is a bit hard to tell on the actual
Apple watch since the faculty comes with
an oled display and most watch faces
have a black interface so they blend in
perfectly with the bezels but when you
have a time lapse watch race for example
the bezels immediately stand out and
this is the zone of tech Apple watch
series for concept and this is for you
to get a better idea of how the Apple
watch series four would look like with
those much thinner bezels so you would
be able to not only see more contents on
the screen but every single watch face
even the ones that have mostly blackened
them it would be quite a bit larger and
the report coming from KJ's securities
again minshuku
states that the 2018 Apple watch would
actually be getting around a 15%
increase in battery life
apparently this would be made possible
by a full redesign of the modern board
or sorry logic board how Apple likes to
call it so essentially the logic board
hasn't been redesigned since the Apple
watch series zero back in 2014 just a
bit strange I mean yes we did get a few
small changes such as you know new
chipsets each year water resistant up to
50 meters and GPS we have our service
too as well as seller support with the
Apple watch to history but most of the
logic board design has actually remained
the same but when a series for it seems
that Apple plans on redesigning the
logic board from scratch instead of
improving on the old design reason why
we would have that the room for the 50%
larger battery and yes three and minus
three I mean not a Samsung Galaxy s4 but
a series three already had some pretty
good battery I mean with my two-year-old
as to series 2 and by the way I'll be
using this thing every single day since
the day I got it
so the batteries
used this thing can get me through two
full days of use which is pretty good a
brand new series three would get me
through about three full days of use and
the series four would that larger
battery could possibly do four or even
more and then this larger new battery
could also allow a few new features such
as sleep tracking so now would be
awesome this is something that's missing
from this current generation Apple watch
and then what would be even more awesome
would be an always-on display so this is
something that we have on a lot of
Android smartphones and even most
Android wear smartwatches do come with
an always-on display I really don't know
why Apple doesn't already have this I
mean yes you can tilt your wrist and
it's gonna show you the time but nothing
compares to having the time on the
display all the time I mean the iPhone
10 doesn't have an always-on display
either and that one as well comes with
an all the display just like the Apple
watch does but again the Apple watch
introduced OLED display on an Apple
product haptic feedback on an Apple
product but forced touch and they only
brought it to the iPhones a few years
later so fingers crossed for an
always-on display in the Apple watch
series four and then maybe this will be
making it on the iPhones maybe later on
this year and then we've also had some
reports that Apple plans on improving
the heartrate monitor with a series for
now interesting enough not sure how many
of you noticed but you know that all
Apple watches already have a blood
glucose monitoring sensor but it's not
really enabled it's disabled it's been
here since the series zero and then get
approved by the FDA for some reason and
there were also some reports that burnt
lead wasn't accurate enough the a power
Series three is apparently going to have
an improved talk droid tracking
specifically for detecting some
heartrate conditions so Bloomberg for
example reported that Apple is working
on developing an EKG or
electrocardiogram a heart rate monitor
for the next Apple watch this is this is
a huge thing this would improve accuracy
by a lot and then a CNBC article that
appeared earlier this weeks they did an
Apple is actually bringing together a
team that would work on a custom health
processor custom health shape just like
Apple has you know the Apple W chip
inside with the air pods the Apple T
processors inside the MacBooks and yeah
I'm a pro so it would be a chip space
specialized in one area of tasks which
is you know in this case it would be a
health tracking so essentially it will
lift a lot of background processes from
the main shape and it will perform those
processes itself and this would not only
allow for a better battery life but also
improved health track
in general so we're looking forward to
that we don't really know when this
thing is going to be introduced
definitely not in the series for maybe
not even in the series five next year
and then the airport charging that would
finally be released in September so a
full year after Apple has announced it
and this would be compatible with both
the 2018 and newer as well as the 2017
iPhones and the Apple watch Series three
and then a new report coming from Fast
Company claims that Apple actually plans
on using fixed buttons for the series
four meaning that they won't actually
click anymore and instead Apple would be
using force touch to simulate a button
press just like they're doing it on the
MacBook the track pads or the iPhone 7
and the iPhone 8's home buttons now the
crown would still scroll so you'll be
able to do that but it wouldn't be able
to press anymore and same applies to the
side button so this is actually very
useful because it would seal the Apple
watch even more when it comes to water
resistance and so water resistance will
be improved it's not even to mention the
extra space inside that Apple will gain
by by doing this because you don't need
that extra space for a button to press
so yeah that's also one of the reasons
why the battery size would be increased
but yeah let me go to comments what do
you guys think about a series for do you
think it's worth it especially when it
comes to previous models do you think
the features are a big improvement or
not especially the design change too
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much it thank you for making it until
the end of this video and yeah I'll see
you in my next video and of that

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