You Must See ! 7 New Cool Gadgets 2018

You Must See ! 7 New Cool Gadgets 2018

introducing my mate the ultimate
companion for all Apple devices
revolutionary plugged and sync all of
your favorite Apple devices at the same
time Apple watch charging certified by
Apple with um a dual type C power
delivery docking station exceptional
power solution 2 port USB USB C primary
charge three times faster compatible
with all Apple devices

dual types a 10 gigabyte acid a 2-speed
with PD fast charge quick transfer
flawless data transfer that's even
faster than you can blink ultra compact
with powerful built-in features and
there's no need to back along multiple
adapters dongles and Hobbs
when you're on the road with I'm eight

our ways of listening to music have
evolved through time but in pursuit of
the best audio we've been limited at a
listening sweet spot what if we can
expand the sweet spot what if we can
create a sweet zone where you can roam
freely and still enjoy the best sound in
every corner meet-up stage 360 the
360-degree high-res smart speaker that
gives you the ultimate auto quality in
an enveloping soundstage supported by
audio industry leaders sound matters
upstage 360 is equipped with eight
drivers and it integrates 3-way audio
into one simple setup covering an ultra
wide frequency range of 40 Hertz to 40
kilohertz it accurately reproduces all
the audio details with high resolution
quality with the patented ball cone
acoustic reflection design upstage 360
distributes uniform sound waves that
fills the room with the best sound hey
Alexa play my favorite song it is also
compatible with echo dot chromecast and
wireless streaming let music charge up
your life and help you concentrate relax
calm your spirit and even sleep better
we believe music is an inseparable part
of life
upstage 360 merges all the best
qualities in one and invites you to
explore the next level audio enjoyment

introducing the genie the first device
that makes alexa practical in your car
and outdoors it can also be used with
Siri for iPhone users Alexa said home
temperature to 72 degrees setting home
temperature to 72 degrees hello Jeanne
text from John looking forward to
tonight see you soon okay Google send
text to John stuck in traffic I'll be 10
to 15 minutes late do you want to send
it yes okay message sent
okay Google find alternate route home by
giving you access to the strengths and
features of both Alexa and ok Google
Genie empowers you to do more on the go
in addition to always-on mode which
allows you to speak directly to
whichever assist that you want touch and
talk mode gives you ultimate battery
life turn on the lights okay
ask August to unlock the front door
I've asked August to unlock the front
Jeanne's battery lasts up to seven to
ten days in touch and talk mode and up
to a day in always-on mode if you touch
both at the same time you toggle between
always on or touch and talk mode Alexa
reorder shampoo the top search result
for shampoo is our natural shampoo would
you like to buy it yes please okay
google play music hello hey yeah I'm
getting ready I'll be there in another
20 minutes
Alexa asked lift for a ride the nearest
lyft driver is three minutes away from
your homes should I call you a lift
yes with Jeanne all of your favorite
voice assistants are with you wherever
you go

introducing in tech the first portable
smart projector that projects in full 4k
resolution and yeah it's portable like
put it in your bag and take it on the
road portable we're not just talking a
projector in tech is a full-on portable
entertainment system included with a
stackable attachable speaker bluetooth
connectivity Wi-Fi capability and even
built-in storage that means you can play
all your favorite shows and movies
whenever and wherever you want call a
crystal-clear 4k in tech is small
portable and super easy to set up it's a
fully modular system stack seamlessly
and connects wirelessly which means you
can break it down in seconds and set it
up just as fast use your phone or the
included remote to browse your settings
and apps or connect a device via HDMI
the omnidirectional speakers provide
stunning sound all around no matter
where you place and 3d production gives
you a unique portable 4k experience best
of all in text and allows you to swivel
it seamlessly in 360 degrees and stand
it upright so you can watch your
favorite shows on the ceiling
no more craning your neck in bed watch
your shows fully relaxed or enjoy a
beautiful night under the stars whatever
you do wherever you are whenever the
time you'll have crystal-clear
entertainment right beside you in tech
4k just got poor
hello Kickstarter I'm Justin and for the
past year our team has been working on
creating the best fidget toy in the
this is fidget power the world's only
fidgeting device that charges your

with fidget power you get 10 awesome
buttons and switches plus powerful
internal battery storage that can charge
up your smartphone give your tablet
powers of extra use or supply power to
nearly any USB charge of the device for
the first time ever you can
simultaneously charge your favorite
device as a click twist slide roll and
mash all in one ultra portable package
and let's not forget about the optional
magnet it makes everything so much more
fun backers get to choose from a bunch
of sweet color options

meet the Gullu gee mm the lightest most
powerful car jump starter that can start
any 12-volt car up to 40 times it can
also jump start this and this and did we
mention these while it's slim and
lightweight enough to come along for the
ride don't let its size fool you this is
not your regular car jump starter
it's your all-weather companion a
helping hand when you need it most and a
portable battery that can charge all
your devices at once and up to four
times this speed it'll even work if your
car battery is totally flat don't worry
about getting out of your car to get it
going it can charge from the cigarette
lighter output instead so it's always
convenient wherever you are
it's unique smart cable makes it easier
to use them a competition to self
diagnosing the battery status and
walking you through the process step by
step to get your car up and running
you know that's save the day kind of
stuff there's even a torch for
emergencies every kind of emergency once
you're home plug the G mm in and it's
good to go again in four hours one
charge will last up to three months so
it's ready to help out whenever you need
it such attention to detail comes down
to who lose experience in the industry
we sold one of our jumpstarters every
second on Black Friday you can check out
our Amazon reviews to see why we listen
to what our users wanted a flex your
product and after thousands of hours of
research the G 2000 is the result don't
wait until you need the g2
buy it now and secure your peace of mind

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