Apple iPhone 2019 - No Notch, All Screen Design, 99% Screen Ratio!

Apple iPhone 2019 - No Notch, All Screen Design, 99% Screen Ratio!

hey welcome to your channel my repro
hope you enjoyed with this video so a
korean report claims that apple will
drop the notch from its 2019 o LED

iPhones the company is set to be working
on a new design where the screen will
completely fill the front of new iPhones
no details are provided about how Apple
would deal with all of the technology
currently housed in the notch this
includes the front facing camera
separate infrared camera for face ID dot
projector flood illuminator speaker
microphone ambient light sensor and
proximity sensor et News says that Apple

is in discussions with several suppliers
about the idea Apple decided to get rid
of notch design starting from 2019
models and is having discussions with
relevant companies said an industry
representative it seems that Apple is
planning to implement full screen that
is more complete in its new iPhones the
piece says that Apple will retain face
ID and speculates about a couple of
possible approaches to the problem of
embedding technology into the display
suppliers are interested in how Apple
will be able to place receiver front
camera and face ID feature and implement

full screen at the same time some
display industries think that Apple will
either drill holes into o LED panels or
use black matrix area within displays
rival brand Samsung has a patent for
drilling holes in the display but this
feels like too messy an approach for
Apple perhaps more realistically the
speaker and microphone could be moved
into the top edge of the casing with the
company working to shrink the remaining
tech into a slightly thicker bezel Apple
does have patents for embedding some of
the sensors into the display itself but
the limited reading i've done on this
suggests that embedded speakers are some

way off yet and embedded cameras even
further away as with most sites that
reply on supply chain sources ET News
has a mixed track record especially
where timelines are concerned I'm
perfectly willing to believe that Apple
has an all screen design as a long-term

and that the notch is a stepping stone
on the way to that but losing the notch
after just two generations feels
unrealistic what are your views when do
you see Apple being able to lose the
notch altogether please share your
thoughts in the comments please help me

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