Hottes Laptop ! i9 Macbook Pro 2018

i9 Macbook Pro 2018

hey what's up guys i'm pbht here and yes
this laptop does cost and did cost me
six thousand seven hundred dollars over
off the bet you probably should not
upgrade to this 2018 MacBook Pro if you
already have a 2017

or even a 2016 MacBook Pro and it's not
even really because of the price but
yeah so this laptop did cost obviously a
ton more than most other laptops or even
most other desktops but the real story
is that this is the most powerful new
laptop Apple's ever made it's the new
2018 8th gen Intel Core I 9 15-inch
MacBook Pro and this is everything you
need to know about so first of all here
are all the new specs this is the new
8th gen Intel Core I 92.9 gigahertz 6

core CPU there's also a less powerful
version but every single new 15-inch
MacBook Pro now has a 6 core chip which
is dope it has an AMD Radeon pro 560 X
with 4 gigs of video RAM that's the
highest end GPU option has 32 gigs of
DDR 4 RAM up from the baseline 16 gigs
and a 4 terabyte internal SSD up from
the baseline 256 gigs so yeah this
thing's clearly a beast on paper but
there are also a couple other things
that are technically new also about this
laptop that are more minor but that are
also worth noting number one is the new
true tone display so is everything we
knew and loved about the old MacBook Pro
displays but this time in ads the
ambient light color temperature sensor
so it can dynamically adjust the white
balance of the display based on the room

you're in this is cool on a smart phone
and even on tablets but I turn this off
immediately and I suspect a lot of other
video editors or photographers will do
the same thing but interestingly enough
the touch bar is now also a true tone
display and it will match
so whenever the main display changes
color temperature to match the room
you're in the touch bar will match and
change temperature too so that's pretty
cool the keyboard is also slightly
updated it will look nearly identical
from the outside except for a slightly
different option key not sure why that's
different but it is but they're calling
this a new Butterfly mechanism that's a
bit quieter than previous generations
basically for those who don't know Apple
has had some reliability problems with

the MacBook Pro keyboard in the past
couple years I actually haven't
personally had
any problems with mine but I've read
about a lot of this which is people
having you know dust and dirt and things
like that getting under the keys and
breaking it so tear downs have revealed
that with this generation Apple has
added a bit of a membrane under each key
cap to prevent debris from entering and
it happens to have the effect of
slightly dampening the noise and feel
from the keyboard so I can feel the
difference when I type on them
back-to-back but honestly it still feels
like a normal load travel MacBook
keyboard it's not game-changing I would
take more travel if I could get it and
then what's also new is the t2 chip so
last years machines had the t1 chip as
you probably remember you got touch ID
things like that the new custom t2 chip

has a bunch of other improvements and
benefits things like improve an
encryption and secure boot but one of
the most interesting user facing
features that you get from it is hey
Siri so now there's a new always on
always listening hey Siri feature which
I don't even know what you would do with
the Siri very often on the desktop maybe
turning a screen saver on or open some
folders or something like that I guess
here's what I found on the web for what
you would do
hey Siri open my downloads folder
here's that folder good stuff in there
please make Siri better anyway those
like I said are pretty minor things but
I'm really concerned about with this new
laptop and what I'd be paying for is the
new specs the new performance and that's
what's going to decide if this laptop is

worth the extra money and upgrading so
the new six core i9 is new at the
highest end and I'll talk more about
that as far as render times and
processing power and what that's useful
for but that's a welcome upgrade the RAM
as you heard me mentioned is now faster
ddr4 versus last year's ddr3 and while I
almost never use the 15-inch MacBook Pro
on battery power Apple did acknowledge
that they wanted to maintain battery
life so they bumped up the size of the
internal battery just a little bit to
keep the same claimed 10 hour battery
life rating with the less efficient ddr4
memory so now it's faster and this four
terabyte SSD or any size really is
literally the fastest internal drive
I've ever seen in a laptop I mean I'm
seeing nearly 3 gigabyte per second
reads and writes which is incredible
you've probably already heard it's

slightly a controversial because it's so
expensive but pro tip if you don't
upgrade to spend the $3,000 on a 4
terabyte internal drive you can get the
exact same MacBook Pro as far as
performance in a $3,000 machine so
clearly it's just kind of click bait but
the thing about a drive this big number
one it's hard to think of like to name
another high-end laptop right now with a
4 terabyte internal SSD that's a big
drive and number 2 you really just get a
lot as far as convenience where I call
it peace of mind of having a big drive
having a 4 terabyte drive on your mobile
workstation I said this in my Q&A; if you
work with big files like I do you need a
big drive to have all those things in
one place without external hard drives
and things sticking out of your laptop I
think I can personally get away with

having just a 2 terabyte option on mine
just because pretty much every project I
do is less than that but having a 4
terabyte option is great you just
probably don't need it you may have
heard about the thermal problems with
this specifically this I 9 15-inch
MacBook Pro some have called it
overheating some have called it
throttling just generally the thermal
problems so only break that down
generally Apple loves thin quiet laptops
basically to a fault they
of being thin and sleek and quiet so
much that they would rather throttle
down the CPU a bit then kick up the fan
speed to keep it cool so like if I told
pretty much any company in the world
look you got to make the highest end
most impressive workstation laptop you
can with a big screen and big

internalist you probably picture
something with huge vents you know this
big thick chassis maximum performance
fans cranking you're only gonna match a
desktop by making a big laptop that
Apple comes along and their most
powerful laptop is this thin unibody
aluminum enclosure it's very different
you definitely do get phenomenal build
quality I mean this thing feels like a
tank it's rigid it's dense it's sharp
and clean but it also means not as much
airflow these fans are smaller these
vents are smaller and just overall
thermal design could be a lot better and
then on top of all of that since Apple

wants its laptops to be as quiet as
possible all the time even though they
don't have to be in Pro machines but
since they want that instead of ramping
up the fan speed to cool off the laptop
when it's getting warm they throttle
down the CPU so they don't have to ramp
the fans up as high that's the problem
that's what's led to people trying all
kinds of things like sticking the laptop
in the refrigerator to get it to cool
properly and doing all kinds of tests
with all these different apps and
benchmarks to see how much it throttles
actually decided to do my own test
because I really rely on these MacBook
Pros for one thing and one major thing
only and that's mobile video editing
with Final Cut Pro so the iMac pro at
the studio is a beast zero complaints
from me they're fast edits fast
exports that's my slightly unfair
benchmark when I go mobile when I go to
like CES or some some event where we're
shooting a video and we need to have
that laptop there that's when I'll bring

the highest end Final Cut Pro machine
that I can which is now this I nine
MacBook Pro and actually can edit 4k
even 6k and 8k red raw footage on the
MacBook Pro at this point there's a lot
more dropped frames in the iMac of
course but I typically bring the whole
project to internal storage since it's
so fast and then the fast RAM and
storage help me chop through and scrub
through the timeline play through media
and work through everything relatively
easily it's when I finish the project
and hit the render button that things
change and just take forever it takes
these laptops forever to render out
videos and transcode all these are 3d
8-k RAW files into 4k ProRes for the
timeline that's really where the
bottleneck is and where it takes forever
so I might as well hit render and like

go get a meal go to sleep wake up the
next day it's that long so basically
with the extra cores and the higher
clock speeds and the improvement of the
architecture of new chips I'm hoping to
see an improvement there so I did my own
tests in my normal use case for a video
I shot a three-minute sample test clip
on red 8k eight to one compression
dropped it on the timeline with
background rendering off and just timed
an export of that timeline keep in mind
it's a super simple clip obviously but
with a longer project with lutz and
effects and transitions and many more
clips to transcode the difference would
be exaggerated between all these
machines but anyway for transcoding and
exporting this is my results I did this
on the iMac Pro and I got a final export
time of 6 minutes 53 seconds pretty good
the 2017 so last gen MacBook Pro I've

been using did it in 25 minutes 38
seconds and the new MacBook Pro here did
it in 21 minutes 21 seconds there you go
I mean I might not see a huge difference
as far as like the timeline and
scrubbing through media and editing and
making the thumbnail and all that stuff
but when I hit render it will be 15%
faster so yes technically I'm getting
the faster laptop I wanted here by a bit
but when you translate that out to like
the bigger projects that means I'm gonna
go from rendering in like three hours
maybe to two and a half but again keep
in mind that's just my situation and
there is much more testing going on out
there with other variables that might be
closer to your situation so you might be
4k or 1080p you might be not red footage
maybe sony footage or maybe re footage
you might be in DaVinci Resolve
or Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro so
there's a whole bunch of other different
variables so that I'll give a shout-out
to my buddy John over at the TLD today
channel where he's doing I mean he's

been tweeting his results for all of
these tests as he goes through them but
he's putting together a video that will
have all of that in one place so I'll
link to that if I can hopefully that's
live around the time this one is
probably is by the time you're watching
this but for me personally for the exact
way that I will use this laptop it's
just barely worth it like I'm gonna keep
it because I already have it but for
someone again who
ready has a 2017 MacBook Pro or already
has a 2016 machine that's already
high-end you're probably because of the
throttling and because of the slight
limited performance not really gonna
need to spend the money on this one at
this point it feels like Apple could
probably get a bigger boost of
performance out of actually changing and
updating the MacBook Pros design than

just putting new chips in it maybe we
should actually start asking Apple for
thicker Pro laptop anyway the point here
is tread carefully spend wisely and I
think for a lot of people the smart move
is gonna end up being to skip this great
laptop and wait but either way that's
been it thanks for watching catch you
guys in the next one peace

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