[HUGE Changes] iPhone XS & Apple Watch 4 In Motion!

iPhone XS & Apple Watch 4 In Motion

hey what's up guys welcome to an early
screening of the September 12th event by
Apple by meme where we're gonna be
taking a look at the Apple watch series
for an extensive look as well as the new
iPhone at 10s models and there's so much
to learn just from the picture that was
leaked we actually recreated the entire
model and Wow

it's a world of difference from the
previous series 3 it was such a
challenge to build actually and we'll
get into why here in a second I also
wanted to remind you that's yes I am
doing an iPhone giveaway so go to the
video link down below in the description
if you want to enter into that one this
is for the 10s in gold as well as an
Apple watch series for which you're
gonna want a lot more after seeing this
video so I wanted to start with a rumor
something I've heard around the
Internet's about how they actually got
to the images these promo images and it
might not have been from the livestream
some people from 905 Mac's website might
have been testing a random combination

of URLs something with iPhone 10s in the
title and apparently somehow they got
into the product landing page at the
testing page and they got the pictures
from there or so I've heard it's a rumor
not confirmed just saw it around the
internet just thought that was
interesting because I thought it would
be a little bit too easy to pull it from
the stream itself so that's yet to be
confirmed but could be and here are
those pictures in their full glory with
my attempt at removing the watermarks of
no pro but I think it was a pretty
decent job on the Apple watch I got the
entire watch face which I then extracted
and we used in our models so very cool
that it turned out the way it did for us

looks really nice alright so let's start
with that Apple watch series for now
originally we just altered our old
design and it didn't really work the
proportions were different the size
itself stays the same but it's just so
different the actual chassis has gotten
a little bit thinner and it's not so
much about being thinner it's about
being more round it's like a pebble now
it's got more intense angles on the
front and back sides well we can't
really tell much about the back so we
have to guess a little bit there but
from what we can see we learned so much

and building it off of this it was quite
a challenge so the display on the front
again it does have a smoother run off
onto the actual glass gives it more of a
pebble ish appearance and
does seem a little bit thinner so I saw
this morph on reddit today where they
morph to the old generation into the new
one and it does appear that it is
actually thinner from this but focal
length can actually have a lot to do

with this and just to give you a demo we
adjusted that for you it can make it
look a lot thinner like the display is
larger at the same time and if you pull
it way back it can look fatter and
closer to you just not as pleasant so
Apple definitely plays a lot with this
so you can certainly do that in your
renders to give it the best appearance
possible so don't let that deceive you
it is most likely a little bit thinner
but not as much as it seems on the edges
of the display and the watch itself the
curve radius is increased so that's why
it has more of a roundish appearance and

it flows so nicely it's like a little
drop of liquid it's it's a really nice
design in general so recreating it can't
help but marvel at that's it's gonna
seem so sleek on your arm and of course
you do have a larger display here so I'm
assuming it's gonna be a 46 millimeter
and we just basically increase the
screen size you can't really tell the
borders from the promo image that was
leaked where the bezels end but I'm
assuming it would be around here and
with that new watch face what a stunner
it simply looks incredible there's a lot
of complications there it's a very busy
watch face but that doesn't need to be

the only one you use I saw a lot of
complaints about that I personally like
it I kind of wish the Apple would make a
little bit more of a dense phone by
adding even one more complication but
this has 9 total actually so now eight
has 9 complications on the front that's
ridiculous and next up there is actually
a huge change that happens to the
digital crown so the old one and the new
one first off they don't look so much
alike anymore obviously the red dot on
the side is no longer a red dot it's
more of a little stripe going around
it's very clean accents I do like it a
lot but aside from that if you look at
the ridges themselves the ridges are
more defined and they run down alongside
the length of the crown and the crown
itself seems to have been made flatter
flatter and possibly wider it just seems

like it's half the thickness of the old
one and actually modeling it so we could
definitely tell how they implemented it
into the body it seems to be flowing a
lot cleaner now like it's sitting on top
of the metal not in dead
inside of it's very confusing
perspective from the picture that was
leaked but we try to recreate it as
accurately as possible and it looks
pretty vain good and going off of this
leaked gold color I predict that Apple
will release these in the same colors
matching the new iPhones a stainless
steel Space Gray a stainless steel
silver and the stainless steel gold look
to match the iPhones that actually be
very nice because if you have an iPhone
right now the only matching color to it
is the Space Gray ceramic which is quite
expensive so if they have a matching a

strategy with the iPhones it could
actually help sales even I don't know
but it would look really cool so new
colors possibly any colors of the
iPhones and here's a new watch face
inspired by the new artwork that Apple
sent out in our invites with the gold
band so possibly make a watch face out
of that that would look really nice so
that's the Apple watch series for and I
think it's gonna push a lot of people to
upgrade just because of how big of an
update it is a larger display thinner
design most likely again it could be the
focal links and whatnot but I do believe
it is a thinner design so it would be

more comfortable possibly on the bottom
the health rate monitor sensor could
stick out a little less cuz that's one
of the most uncomfortable things about
the Apple watch for me right now it does
seem to have a slightly larger button
just spread out a little bit more and it
does have a microphone between the crown
and II buttons so it could have again
additional features when it comes to a
voice or something like that talking and

responding to the Apple watch could be
improved greatly and the Apple watch
band seems to still work with this new
design so in the renders we actually use
some old bands and it worked just as
fine some that is a very good sign for
the people that had some nice bands and
didn't want to buy new ones it's gonna
be a great update I think you guys will
really love it it's one of the things
I'm most excited for now and here's an
interesting point so we know it'll be
called the iPhone 10s we don't know
exactly how it'll be written it might be
an iPhone and a 10 capital S an iPhone

10 lowercase S or an iPhone 10 space s
I'm guessing it'll be iPhone at 10 and
lowercase s as that's how they did the
iPhone 6s and all the S models before
that will the 5s anyways and we don't
know exactly if you'll have the S badge
on the back that's just what I would
think Apple would do to differentiate it
at least a little bit from the previous
model we'll have to see about that in a
prediction regarding the most popular
model come release
today I believe it'll be the iPhone 10s
plus and could it be that this will sell
out faster than any time before just
because of a new color and a larger size
I believe the iPhone 6 plus originally
when it came out and had the new gold
color with that tool after the 5s and
that one was like the most popular one
it sold out completely online within

minutes it was just really hard device
to get in general so I believe the same
will apply for the 10s plus oh and I
know five Mac actually released that
wallpaper so if you guys wanted the
promo image wallpaper of the new iPhones
a little bit early you can get them
right now it's not the greatest quality
and we use them in our renders it's
little pixelated but you know
considering we have it ahead of release
you know I'm happy with that and then

apple eye designer released his
interpretation of it so this is a
rebuild doesn't look exactly the same
but it's close enough in high resolution
if you wanted that one as an alternative
as well and an interesting detail is
that this is not a planet it's actually
a bubble those are all of the rainbow
effects shimmers on an actual bubble if
you zoom in really closely so I don't
believe this is space it could be some
crazy exoplanets but it is most likely a
bubble oh and I'd like to point
something out about the iPhone 9s
resolution it's a little bit worrying
how low it is

so Felipe Esposito actually said this
it's a 1792 by 8:28 display that makes
it have a pixel density of 323 pixels
per inch that's basically the iPhone 6
and below era - the iPhone 4 they kept
around that resolution for the longest
time so apples going back to it and his
scales directly to the iPhone 10s plus
rumored resolution so it'll be one of
the big constraints of buying a cheaper
model and I think that could shy a lot
of people away from buying this thing
for 2018 that's a pretty bad resolution
but hey it might look really good in
person we'll see regardless of the

iPhone 9 shortcomings this will still be
Apple's best year supposedly since the
iPhone 6 release digit times is
reporting that Apple is rumored to ship
between 70 to 75 million iPhones by the
end of 2018
that is a supercycle mega cycle if you
will that is really really good news for
all Apple investors and they said all
the companies that are working with
Apple are gonna go along with the stock
price rise own Apple is definitely
looking towards the future of displays
with micro LED as they continue to work
research and develop it's fairly
economic Daily News of Taiwan

said Apple sent out a couple
representatives to a display show event
where they're gonna be talking with some
major corporations trying to get some
sort of micro led deals going possibly
seeing how the evolution of this
technology is going boom Berg actually
said earlier that Apple is developing
this in secrets in a lab in California
there are a lot of challenges that come
with micro LED displays but once they
can figure them out they will have one
of the best most energy-efficient
brightest in general less burnouts
displays ever made it's definitely gonna

be an incredible transition but it'll be
a while until we get its early 2020s
well it seems that the first iPhone 9
clone if that's what it's to be called
the 6.1 inch has surfaced so from the
same guys that brought you the iPhone
10s plus we have a first look at the
iPhone at 9 clone and yeah it does have
that camera does have the flash
underneath it doesn't look like anything
special really still has a little bit of
a bottom chin area but it does have a
notch up top and a larger display so I
did order one we'll see what happens
just to get that size perspective before
Apple releases it in October supposedly
because they are delaying this thing
after the release of the 5.8 and the 6.5
inch iPhone 10s models and I just have a
question to leave this video off with
you guys what would it take for you to
upgrade from knife phone 10 to an iPhone

10s for me personally I think it would
be promotion displays I would love to
have that 120 Hertz refresh rate from
the iPad pros it's it's one of my
favorite things about the iPad that's
why I like picking it up and using is
interacting with it it's just so
pleasant to do so I think that would be
a huge jump from a 10 to 10s if it got
that technology also even faster
wireless charging and much faster face
ID that's one of the big limitations
about the iPhone 10 that I don't like
face ID just takes way too long in the
next jet we definitely I think

incentivize a bunch more people to come
to the 10s I always leave a comment down
below I'm curious to know what it would
take for you there it is guys that is
our latest concept and render based on
the official Apple a press event images
and I think it turned out pretty nicely
really excited for that completely

redesigned Apple watch series for and of
course the gold iPhone tents will be a
very nice touch as well so thanks for
watching guys again if you want to enter
that giveaway there's a link down below
in the description do you do that you
have about two three weeks I believe
till I can ship that out
but thanks for watching

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