Is Apple killing 3D Touch on the iPhone?

Is Apple killing 3D Touch on the iPhone?

what's up Bryant are here and welcome to
the Apple pits for everything good and
bad inside the world of Apple let's get
to the show and reports are already
coming out for the 2019 iPhones since we
already know a whole lot about the 2018

ones being announced September the 12th
and if you want to you can go back to my
previous videos to get all caught up to
speed now Ming Shi quo is back at it
again with a new note that claims Apple
will not adopt the fingerprint scanner
in display technology that's already in

phones from vivo feature phones from
your Sal me and Huawei and has even been
rumored to be coming to the Galaxy S 10
and the oneplus 60 in October
instead the reports say the iPhone will
continue using its true depth camera

system with face ID as their biometric
authentication system in 2019
while Android phones move towards the
fingerprint scanner on display tech
since they are several years away from
matching Apple's secure 3d face ID tech
now that's one of the main things I want
to see if their keynote has faced ID
in its speed and its range of detection
in different lighting conditions like I
want the N screen fingerprint scanner it
feels like a bummer at first but if face
ID if it does get significantly better
than it's not that big of a deal

we know Apple is weighted at least a
year or two before they integrate new
tech that's not their own into their
iPhone but face ID in its current state
it still isn't good enough for me and I
want those touch ID speeds I know you do
too and since we're talking about the
future iPhone this rumour report from
last week becomes more interesting after
Barclays reported that according to
their supply chain checks they believe

that 3d touch will be removed from
iPhones with OLED displays in 2019 and
again this is not official so let's not
treat it like it's a headline story but
Ming Gao reported 3d touch would not be
a feature on the current 2018 6.1 inch
LCD screen lower-cost
iPhone we'll see but I was excited about
3d touch from day one when Apple
announced it back in the 2015 iPhone 6s

it was like this new layer of control
directly on screen with the potential to
be a game-changer but then Apple never
fully supported it developer
didn't either it was only on the iPhone
it wasn't on any other iOS device and
Apple didn't even feature it in the past
two WWDC keynote like nada nothing so my
guess is at least two thirds of iPhone
owners don't even use 3d touch or even

know they have it like my mom is saying
to herself right now
I'll show you one day mama so as sad as
it is to see it go it won't be a
surprise at all and for me that's a sad
Apple I told myself I want to cry today
now if you like early concept renders
Lagoon Howe took the leaks from Apple
last week and went to town with the all
gold everything iPhone 10s that just
makes me want that stupid thing even

more like look how sexy that is and I'm
saying this in a room by myself about a
phone dang I need to get out more and if
you can't help yourself the actual
wallpaper from the iPhone 10s League has
been made available for you online and
check out these new renders from my
smart price of the iPad pro allegedly

based off of leaked CAD designs at first
I got even more juiced about this if
this design is the actual real deal with
no home button thinner bezels and an
iPhone 4 like chamfered edges the render
also shows separate and Tenace strips
along the top and the bottom instead of

the single line on top of the current
models but looking closer there's a
smart connector on the bottom of the
iPad pro instead of the one on the side
that lines up with the leaked case that
had an opening for a smart connector on
the bottom and reports claim that face
ID will not work when the tablet is in

landscape mode and if true that's just
stupid now the other big thing to notice
here there appears to be no 3.5
millimeter headphone jack anywhere on
these renders here we go again let's get
ready to Duncan
oh I kept it short for you and I have
Bluetooth headphones for traveling but

well the iPad pro support multiple
headsets over Bluetooth 5.0 or will I be
the guy with the dongle that goes to a
splitter to two headphones on long
flights to watch a movie with my BAE but
actually I guess I already am that guy
huh okay a couple quick service things

to cover
Apple has launched an iPhone 8 logic
board repair program offering free
repairs for iPhone 8 models that have
been plagued by restarts freezing and
unresponsive devices you can enter your
serial number on their website just
search for an iPhone 8 logic board
replacement program this is for select

iPhone 8 and not iPhone 8 pluses and if
you're suffering from the audio popping
issues like iowa's or kernel panic
issues with your brand-new 2018 macbook
pro a new Mac OS High Sierras
supplemental update - has been released
now it's exclusive to those models but I
haven't had the crackling output or
sound issues since the update which is I
guess more like a thanks for fixing what
should have been never an issue but I'm
happy it looks like it's resolved and
then a fun thing we're checking out take
a look at this Kickstarter it's the
iconic pillow collection by throw boy

and it's a throwback to some of your
favorite Apple devices of all time in
pillow form it's the perfect piece of
nostalgia for your sofa so check it out
and in case you're wondering I will
absolutely be having BT Z's live
coverage of the iPhone 10s an Apple

watch series for event taking your life
calls we're playing our big bingo card
and I'm happy to say that TCL is
sponsoring the show so guess what we're
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much for watching thank you everyone for
supporting and continuing to watch I'm

I will catch you next time for all the
bits and bytes inside the world of Apple
take care be safe Bruce

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