New 2018 Apple Products Leaked: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Mac Updates

what's going on guys this is Sam and we
got a massive new report today from Minh
Chico over at EF international
securities we got a big report yesterday
saying that the iPhone 10 and iPhone se
would be discontinued soon but today we
basically got a look at every new
product Apple is going to be releasing
over the next couple of months in fall
2018 and the lineup is even bigger and
better than I expected new iPhones new
Apple watches new iPads new Macs new air

pods the list just goes on we actually
have some good details about almost
everything so let's go ahead and jump in
as always I'll leave a link to where you
can read the full article for yourself
I'm working off one from 9 to 5 Mac link
down below in the sources section but
there's a lot of good info here I think
the biggest bomb show is the fact that
the Mac Mini isn't dead my dad is gonna
be happy my grandparents are gonna be
happy Mac many users around the world
that haven't seen an upgrade in three
and a half years are gonna be really
really happy this product was previewed
to not be dead in a response from Tim
Cook like a year and a half ago but
everybody kind of thought myself
included that it was probably just gone
it was probably never going to come back
because Apple had an updated it like I
said in three years but according to
this new report Mac Mini is seeing a
processor refresh at the very least this
fall which is going to be pretty huge
that processor refresh though for the
Mac Mini comes alongside upgrades for
all of Apple's Mac lineup macbook pro
getting a processor refresh macbook
getting a processor refresh i'm at
getting a processor refresh and then
there's also said to be a new low cost
macbook coming that we thought would be
called macbook air but now min Chico
says it could be called something a
little bit different we just don't know
the exact naming scheme and then the
iMac in addition to getting that
processor refresh is also said to get
some pretty significant display upgrades
so we'll see what happens there but if
you're looking or waiting to get a Mac
maybe one for school if you can hold out
till September October November sometime
this fall when new Mac's are coming that
you're gonna get more Mac for less money
so I would highly recommend waiting if
you can and I say that because right now
the Mac line

isn't a good value at all except I would
say the iMac Pro I think is a pretty
good value in its current state
however the MacBook Pro not really worth
it right now the MacBook is just not
powerful in general the Mac Mini hasn't
been updated in forever and the iMac
hasn't been updated in a year or two now
so all of Apple's computers are ready
for upgrades I'm very happy to say that
they are seen upgrades this fall we just
don't have an exact release date just

it could be September alongside the new
iPhones when those are gonna be coming
or it could be October or November if
Apple holds a second event later in the
year after the new iPhones so new Mac's
are coming that's big news also from
this exact same report we get
information about new iPad pros you have
some information on the two new screen
sizes we're hearing 11 inches and 12
point 9 inches these are gonna have no
home button they're going to have faced
Eddy very reduced bezels around the
edges we've already seen so many
incredible concepts and the biggest
question right now is whether these
devices are going to mimic or have a
notch like the iPhone 10 or if they're
just going to be completely even bezels
all the way around or maybe a third
solution that Apple has come up with on
their own we don't know yet but I
definitely think no notch and just equal
bezels all the way around looks the best
on a screen ranging from eleven to
twelve point nine or thirteen inches so
those also coming this fall we heard
that from Bloomberg two sources are
reporting this now so I would definitely
place my bets on the fact the new iPads
will be coming sometime later this year
and I'm sure that they will look just as
incredible as a number of concepts have
portrayed them as far as the Apple watch
also big news here we're hearing for the
second or third time that the models are
going to get bigger displays they're

gonna come in at 40 millimeters and 45
millimeters versus 38 and 42 since we
saw with the Apple watch series zero all
the way up through the Apple watch
series 3 and Bloomberg reported that
your bands are all going to work on the
new models so even though the screens
are getting a little bit bigger and the
models are getting better all of your
bands that you have right now should
continue to work with the Apple watch
which will definitely make a lot of
people really your

it is worth noting though that we don't
know if the actual size of the watch is
going to get bigger or if the bezels are
round the screen are just gonna be
reduced to give us those larger displays
we don't know just yet I would
definitely place my bets on Apple
reducing the bezels that's a trend that
they've shown us with the iPhone with
the iPad with the 10.5 inch model like
it's probably gonna be reduced bezels
but potentially the new Apple watch
could also have a larger bond as I was
editing this I was rereading one of the
reports and I realized that I forgot to
mention one of the main new features
coming to the Apple watch this year and
that is enhanced heartrate detection and
maybe some other features relating to
that it's all very vague it's all very

ambiguous right now but we know Apple
every year wants to make the Apple watch
more of a health accessory even going as
far as to invest a lot into non-invasive
glucose monitoring very very far into
the future for an upcoming Apple watch
model if it would ever come in also
health features will continually be
added likely every year an enhanced
heart rate monitoring will probably be
the feature that comes this year we just
don't know exactly what enhanced health
rate monitoring means but the news that
you've all been waiting for not the new
Mac Mini not the iMac display upgrade
not even the larger screen - Apple
watches air power said once again to be
launching sometime in fall of 2018 at
this point I'm not even that excited for
air power anymore it's become a meme
because Apple announced it in September
of 2017 and to this day you still can't
buy it just yet but new air pods

alongside air power are said to be
launching and the air pause upgrades the
Bloomberg has reported this year gonna
be pretty small just the ability to say
hey Siri hands-free without having to
actually tap your left or right air pod
those are like the big non iPhone
products that are coming but on top of
all those new Macs the two new bezel
lists ish iPads the new Apple watch new
air pods and air power
we're also said to be seen at three new
iPhone models this is reiterated once
again from Co in this report we've heard
that there are gonna be three new models
I've probably said that in every iPhone
rumour video since 2017 now three new
models are coming a 6.1 inch LCD model
that is reaffirmed here and two OLED
models one at five

when 8 inches pretty much the exact same
size shape width and depth of the iPhone
10 and the iPhone at 10 a+ coming in at
6.5 inches also an OLED screen some
reports calling the LCD model the iPhone
9 and the next-generation versions of
the iPhone 10 the iPhone 11 and the
iPhone 11 plus so those are all the
Apple products that are said to be
getting upgrades but what about
everything else that we didn't talk
about like the airport line the iPod
Touch I actually compiled a list of all
the products that Apple isn't said to be
upgrading it and there's probably an
equally big list here as all the
products that are seeing upgrades
starting off with the iPad Mini do not
buy the iPad Mini 4 right now it is a
terrible terrible value it's got old
processors an outdated screen an

outdated camera and it's actually more
expensive than the iPad 6 with a better
camera and a better processor at least I
think the camera is better just don't
buy the iPad Mini it's not said to be
seen updates it's more or less
even though Apple hasn't said that yet
the airport line like Airport Express
Airport extreme and time capsule that is
Apple's wireless router lineup that has
actually officially been discontinued
now so I would recommend buying those
either because they are pretty outdated
and will not be seen upgrades home pod
was just released in February that is
not going to be updated until next year
I Mac Pro was released in December of

that is also not said to be seen updates
at least in fall of this year Mac Pro
coming in 2019 if you want this amazing
modular computer that Apple is said to
be working on don't buy the current Mac
Pro because that has not seen a serious
upgrade really a serious serious upgrade
since 2013 I think so I would not
recommend going for the Mac Pro now huge
upgrade coming in 2019 iPhone se we had
heard rumors about a second gen model
now we hear the iPhone se is getting
discontinued it would not recommend
buying the iPhone se now and then Apple
TV not said be seen an upgrade this year

I don't really know what else Apple
could add because they just added 4k
last year and last but not least iPod
Touch we're still on the iPod Touch
sixth we are patiently awaiting the
seventh generation version but no rumors
have said that Apple was working on one
Apple has not said that
working on one the ipod touch is the
last ipod that remains up for sale on
apple's websites but even at this rate I
don't think it's going to be there for
much longer because even after this
report we're still not hearing
unfortunately that a new ipod touch is
coming so it's interesting breaking all
this down while there are a ton of our
product scene upgrades there's also a
pretty big list that is continually
being ignored specifically the iPod
touch and the iPad Mini which is weird
because those were once really big
certainly headlining products but that's
all for this video those are all the new
products Apple is announcing and not
touching in fall of 2018 if you enjoyed
this video if you're excited for these

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hope all of you are doing great and I
will talk to you in my next video

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