NEW MacBook Air 2018

NEW MacBook Air 2018

so that was the zone of tech MacBook Air
2018 concept so let's talk about the
MacBook Carrie the upcoming 2018 MacBook
Air so the error is actually one of
Apple's most iconic products the
original error was introduced back in
2008 which is actually ten years ago
that's when Steve Jobs introduced his
new MacBook by literally taking it out
of an actual envelope yeah that's how
thin that was even back then so the
original error was actually the thinnest
laptop in the world when it launched and
it was also the one to pioneer the
upcoming ultrabooks market and had
literally no optical drive at all
limited ports with only a headphone jack
a USB type a port and a mini DisplayPort
and that was it do you see do you see
how even back then the MacBook Air kind
of resembles what modern-day 12-inch Mac

and finally ten years later we're
expecting a major MacBook Air redesign
and here's everything you need to know
in terms of that so get all that popcorn
ready because this is going to be a
really interesting and exciting video as
always but this is a really excited
furnace 2018 MacBook Air let's take away
okay so after the magma care was
introduced back in 2008 two years later
in 2010 Apple has introduced the first
maverick air redesigned so this new
model actually came in two sizes now a
13-inch model and also an eleven inch
model and it was also Apple's first
macbook to come with a full glass
storage and it also featured that
familiar wet shaped design where the
front was literally the thinnest points
of the device and then it became thicker
towards the back and that was that was
it Apple has released a new MacBook Air

since 2010 at least we won't know when
it comes to the design so they've
actually released some spec updates they
bombed the specs a number of times
basically every single year since 2010
until 2015 and 2017 the base 30 inch
MacBook Air I've got a CPU bump from 1.6
gear it's to 1.8 but it's still the
exact same CPU architecture from 2015
meaning that it was a Broadwell
processor so sadly it's actually been
three years since we got an actual
update for the MacBook Air even when it
comes to the actual specs given the 11
inch error was even discontinued by the
way in favor of Apple's new 12 inch
MacBook and to be honest the only reason

why Apple keeps selling the error is
because well it starts from $1000 or 950
pounds so it's actually the cheapest
MacBook that Apple is selling but
unfortunately the error is now a
complete ripoff in 2018 the display is
extremely low whereas for a 20-18 laptop
anyone to mention even a fourth 2015
laptop it was really really bad the
viewing angles are horrible the color
reproduction is really bad as well
everything is so washed out the
performance is OK for general use but
considering how expensive this thing is
even in 2018 it's $1,000 it's not worth
it and here's the thing the Apple
MacBook lineup is looking very
inconsistent today back in 2010 Apple
had three Mac books they had the MacBook
which is literally the middle laptop so
to say that Apple was selling it was
good for general use and then he had the

MacBook Air which was actually it was
weaker than the MacBook but much more
portable and then he had the MacBook Pro
which was more powerful than the MacBook
also more expensive and also less
portable so it all made so much sense
now we have the MacBook Pro we have the
12-inch MacBook and then we have the
MacBook Air which performance wise it is
better than it
inch MacBook which is strange it
shouldn't be and the 12 inch MacBook is
actually way thinner and lighter and
hence more horrible than the air so
essentially the new 12 inch MacBook is
the new air the new MacBook Air and the

new MacBook Air or the old MacBook Air
is essentially the MacBook so the new
middle ground laptop only Apple isn't
really calling it that way well the good
news is that Apple is actually working
on an updated MacBook Air there are so
many reports on this finally and it
might be announced either at WWDC if not
a wotc then around October or November
at a separate Mac event so okay that's
that's awesome but what do we actually
know about its new 2018 MacBook Air well
a lot of reports including one by a
fairly trusted source which is this
times reported that Apple is currently
working on a new 13-inch laptop that
would replace the current generation the
finish MacBook Air and interesting
enough more gurmann reported by
Bloomberg that Apple is actually

developing a new MacBook Air which would
be priced at less than a thousand
dollars which is strange because that's
actually the current price on the
current generation MacBook Air and it
also made chiku we probably heard of in
Chicago before I mentioned him so many
times on this channel and I like summer
series he's the analyst with literally
the best track record when it comes to
Apple leaks and he also said that Apple
is working on the most affordable
MacBook yet a new MacBook Air which
would be even cheaper than the current
generation is so according to all these
reports it seems that Apple isn't
developing the air as a thinner version
of the 12-inch MacBook hence you know
the error name that should have been
that was the air name from the beginning
but instead they're working on something
that's cheaper and more affordable than
the current air because at the moment
the air the name air isn't suggesting
thinness anymore because that's the

12-inch MacBook the name air actually
should suggests an air thin price kind
even though that's that's thousand
dollars it's not really that cheap ok
but how would Apple actually decrease
the price so much and what changes would
it come with well first things first a
new design is more than likely coming
and my new design it's probably going to
look very very similar to a 12-inch
MacBook just in a 13 inch form factor
now when it comes to the actual thinness
well we don't really have any reports on
this yet but I don't think it's going to
be as thin as a 12-inch MacBook and
that's because the error was
more powerful than 20 12 inch MacBook
because well it had a more poor hungry
CPU as well as a fan and fan requires
more space the 12-inch MacBook doesn't
have a fan is completely fanless but
that's because it actually uses an Intel
Core M processor which is actually five
watts and yes these are even weaker than
a 2017-2018 in smartphone processor so
interests of the actual processor Apple
is probably going to include an i3 and

i-5 but for the baseline model it's
probably going to be an i3 between 15
watts to 38 watts processor in the
baseline model eight gigabytes of RAM
standard because pretty much every
single MacBook at a moment comes with 80
gigabytes of RAM and here's are the
actual storage that's more than likely
going to be 128 gigabytes for the actual
baseline model now a processor like that
would also require a fan which would
mean just as a 74 data MacBook era would
be thicker a tiny bit thicker than the
12-inch MacBook but at least you should
be getting more performance out of it
okay so what about you know the main the

main issue of the 12-inch MacBook was
the fact that it only came with one port
that single USB type-c port are we
finally getting two ports possibly more
than likely we we don't expect to see
any Thunderbolt 3 ports on the MacBook
Air even though the current generation
MacBook Air does have support for
Thunderbolt 2 but yea Thunderbolt 3
especially is a really really
professional connection only a few
people use it mostly people who need to
transfer extremely large amounts of data
so hundreds of gigabytes or even
terabytes in just a few minutes or a few
hours and it's not just that but it also
increases the cost of manufacturing cost
of the macbook by quite a bit and of
course that one of the biggest if not
the biggest improvements coming to the
air would be finally a Retina display
so digit times reported in March that LG

is set to begin production for a new
display for Apple with a resolution of
2560 by 1600 pixels which fun fact is
exactly the same resolution as the
13-inch MacBook Pro so a 13-inch display
is pretty much confirmed at this point
and also if LG needs to manufacture a
different display instead of you know
using the same 13 inch 13 display as on
the MacBook Pros it means that it won't
be a DCI p3 panel more than likely so it
would be slightly inferior maybe even
when it comes to the brightness of the
panel itself then to 12-inch
than a 13-inch MacBook Pros display for
example the 12-inch MacBook
comes with an on Lisa III display so the
color gamut is not as wide as on the
pros and then the brightness is also at
300 nits compared to 500 nits on the
MacBook Pros so the actual display on
the MacBook Air 13-inch is 20 Nazz
martin aki going to be basically a
12-inch MacBook displayed exactly
exactly the same display just with a
higher resolution because of that
slightly larger 13-inch panel and

finally when it comes to the color is to
expect at least space gray and silver on
the air maybe even gold and rose gold to
match to 12-inch MacBook Scholars and
hopefully we would also be getting some
color matching Apple stickers because
this is a bit strange so if you get a
12-inch back book you actually get
stickers that match the color of your
12-inch MacBook so you would get Space
Gray stickers silver stickers gold and
rose gold that's pretty much it but if
you got a MacBook Pro and silver or
Space Gray which is obviously way more
expensive than the 12-inch MacBook the
stickers are not color matching so it
feels like I don't know apples attention
to detail doesn't really exist anymore
obviously the sticker is just a really
small example there's many more examples
but yeah this is just one point that I
wanted to make what enters of the
MacBook Air as a conclusion this would
be all the improvements that we would be

seeing what a 2015 MacBook Air so
essentially it's going to be a larger
version of the 12-inch MacBook now as to
how Apple will be able to achieve that
lower price points for this then even
cheaper even cheaper than 12-inch
MacBook to be honest I'm not really I'm
really not sure so my guess is that the
error would be more expensive than a
12-inch MacBook thanks to you obviously
the extra performance the fact that it
doesn't need a fan the fact that it
comes in to a larger display and then
Apple would reduce the price of the
MacBook to make it cheaper than the air
that way everything would make much more
sense because in the end the 12-inch
MacBook would be cheaper for Apple to
manufacture than the MacBook Air so it
wouldn't really make sense for you air
to be cheaper than the 12-inch MacBook

not from Apple's perspective and also
the consumers perspective because you
know then who would actually buy it at
all inch Mac but you get a smaller
device a weaker device and the more
expensive device doesn't really make
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and then finally let me go to comments
what you guys think about the upcoming
MacBook Air do you think what Apple is
doing is a good idea basically improving

on the MacBook Air and maybe making it
more expensive or do you think that the
whole idea of MacBook Air being the
cheapest slept up the Apple sells is
basically the best idea yet and Apple
should keep the same design on the
upgrade maybe the display and obviously
reduce the cost because of that that's
that could happen to be honest I don't

think it's happening but that's also
that's also an option so let me know
comments what I guys think and yeah I
said from this this is being pretty much
everybody like if you have enjoyed it
I'm Daniel and I'll see you guys in my
next one already losing my voice it's an

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